Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Life

Update on my life:

A) I've landed a super cool internship in April at The London Print Club ( I'll be doing tons of screen printing helping them set up for...

B) Pick Me Up craft fair ( Print Club have an area here, so I'll be helping set this up and running around helping and hoping it all goes smoothly, and possibly hanging out with some really cool illustrators. So if you like Illustration, Zines, Comics, Collectives etc. Please come, say hi and buy stuff. Luckily I get to do this with a super talented friend (

C) I've also put a couple of new things in my online shop ( Maybe pick up some super limited hand printed goods and help me survive a month in expensive London.

D) You may as well have a look on my website. ( I'm still building//updating it, but there are a few new things.

Thanks. Godspeed.

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